Les Ets Moline in Carlsbourg
have been trading agricultural products for over a century:
they started the business in 1890.

Since 1993,
Moline-agri SA has been the preferred
partner of Versele Laga and therefore the QUARTES
brand in the south of the Province of Namur
and the Province of Luxembourg

The company also manufactures "bulk" fertilisers.:

UA soil analysis,

the planned crops,

the importance of adding fertiliser,

the formulae of fertiliser that you manufacture.

Vitamin-enriched minerals, premix, fodder seed,

pvegetable seed, cereal seed,
seed potatoes, plastic
for strapping,
covering and gardening

Products for agriculture,
horticulture, forestry and
hunting, for leisure gardening,
for animals bred for sporting

or leisure purposes, and coal, breadmaking flour, working clothes……

The pairing of "service and quality"
relies on an inquiring mind, evolving to remain
in the vanguard of technology
and meet your wishes for efficiency and quality