• Sampling of soils or fodder,

  • Soil or silage analysis.

  • Calculation of dietary
    allowances or manure.
  • Manufacture and packing of products.
  • Delivery by van, tipper or tanker equipped with a compressor,
    in bags of 25, 50, big bags, bulk …
  • Rental of a fertiliser drill:
    two dust hoppers and five seed drills available.
  • Fertiliser spreading by contractor
    (from 4 tonnes upwards).

  • Protection of crops against predators,
    insects, fungi or weeds :

    our sales reps. are trained agronomists,
    and can visit the farm to
    help you identify and
    resolve problems
    affecting the crop,
    and arranging adequate protection.

  • Receipts, sorting, drying of cereals.
& Quality
Developing for
& Your
That is the driving force
for our business.

Analysis of fertilisers.
Establishment of the animals' requirements.
Evaluation of your stocks.
Definition of the ideal nutritional supplement.
Looking after productive livestock,
means supplementing your basic products,
and making the most of your fodder production.